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Dye Sublimation Flags

Dye Sublimation is a unique and superior method for printing flags and display fabrics. Unlike other methods of printing the actual fibres of the material are dyed rather than ink simply being applied to the surface. The result is vibrant colours and durable flags. When a flag is surface printed you only get good colour on one side. With Dye Sublimation the colour is vibrant on both sides. This is really important with flags as they are viewed from both sides when flying.

Our flags are manufactured from MOD approved materials and finished to a high standard with fittings ready to fly. We can print both images and solid colours to faithfully match your company or organisations identity.

How do we do it?

Here at Banner Box we have two of the worlds most sophisticated digital textile printers. Our 2.3m wide ColorBooster printers apply the ink to the fabric, next the fabric is passed through a heat press at around 200 degrees C. This activates the inks, and bonds them with the fibres of the material. Next we pass the fabric through a washer, this removes any residual ink and makes the fabric soft and ready to finish.

What are the benefits?

Dye sublimation is not the cheapest way of producing a flag but we believe it is the best. We can achieve highly accurate colour matches, images look stunning. The print is durable and when finished properly by our expert team it results in a flag that you will be proud to fly.

Corporate Flags

Corporate flags can be made to suit new or existing flagpoles. There is no need to limit the artwork to a few colours, we can print full colour images to flags to grab the eye and get the attention you require. All Flags are printed to our durable knitted Polyester, the Print is UV stable and water proof for outdoor use. They are finished with a sturdy headband and fittings to make attachment to the pole quick and easy.

Landscape flags are great for traditional corporate logos. They also match the shape of national flags and will look good if flown together with the Union or any other national flag.

Portrait flags are becoming increasingly popular, they tend to fly in a lighter breeze and can be combined with a rotating arm on the pole or our flag extender system to ensure the flag is on display regardless of wind strength.

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